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CGTN's special report on U.S. campus protests and more: Fire and Fury

2024-06-06 11:08:07Source: CGTN
June. 6, 2024 -- What we want is justice! And we want it now!" As the armed conflict in Gaza intensifies and the death toll soars, U.S. students have been struggling to make their voices heard. Yet, to the student protesters’ dismay, their righteous demands have been answered by the collective silence of U.S. authorities and violent police crackdowns. When civil and political rights becomes empty talk, and police violence rages across the U.S., people around the world are starting to see the true colors of so-called American Democracy.
According to "The Report on Human Rights Violations in the United States in 2023," the human rights situation in the United States continued to deteriorate in 2023. A staggering 76% of Americans believe that their nation is going in the wrong direction. What do American academics say about the situation where the majority of the basic rights and freedoms of ordinary people are being disregarded? To get the answer, watch CGTN's special report "Fire and Fury" , only on CGTN.