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Tianshan still standing: Memories of Fighting Terrorism in Xinjiang

2020-06-22 11:48:36Source: CGTN

"Tianshan: Still Standing" is a 60-minute documentary focusing on the cost of the violence. CGTN spoke to over 30 survivors and those who lost someone close, from all across Xinjiang. Over the past three decades, thousands of attacks have plagued the region. The Chinese government has taken a hard line, and some Western politicians and media have challenged China's policies.


"It's a life-and-death struggle." "There's blood and tears." This documentary chronicles personal accounts of survivors and witnesses, and reveals the physical and psychological toll of terrorism over the past decades in Xinjiang. It shines a light on how people in the region have been facing up to life in the aftermath. This video contains footage released for the first time. Viewer discretion is advised.