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Chinese path key to human rights progress

2024-07-09 09:31:56Source: chinadaily.com.cn

July 9, 2024 -- The 56th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council, held in Geneva from June 18 to July 12, unanimously adopted China's report on the fourth cycle of the Universal Periodic Review last week.


China took advantage of the opportunity to share its position on the recommendations proposed by other countries as part of the UPR process, as well as the progress the country has made since it rolled out 30 new measures that the Chinese government promised to take to safeguard human rights.


The UPR is an important platform for countries to carry out equal-footed, candid exchanges and constructive dialogue and cooperation. It is encouraging to see that many countries, including Russia, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, the United Arab Emirates, Algeria, Zambia, Gambia and Venezuela, spoke highly of China's efforts and achievements in advancing its human rights cause.


China's achievements in protecting human rights and its contribution to the international human rights cause are generally well recognized by the international community. The majority of countries and organizations taking part in the session of the UN human rights body reviewed China's report in an impartial, objective, nonselective, nonconfrontational and nonpoliticized manner, made constructive comments, and spoke highly of China's efforts and achievements in the development of human rights. They also expressed their appreciation for China's open and frank attitude in participating in the fourth round of the universal human rights review, and commended China for its open and candid participation in the fourth cycle of the UPR, and affirmed that China accepted the majority of recommendations based on its national realities and the will of its people.


The UN human rights body's adoption of China's report has enhanced the understanding and recognition of the development of China's human rights cause and strengthened exchanges and mutual learning between China and all parties for further progress on their respective human rights path.


The China report adopted by the UN Human Rights Council is not only a review and summary of the development of China's human rights cause over a period of time, but also a solemn declaration that China's human rights cause will continue to move forward. Adhering to a people-centered development philosophy, the country is steadily raising the level of human rights protection as its modernization advances.


China will continue to raise the level of its human rights protection, and work for fairer and more equitable, reasonable and inclusive global governance on human rights. It calls on all parties to protect human rights through security, to advance human rights through development, and to promote human rights through cooperation, communication and mutual learning.


While it is natural that a handful of countries should strike different notes on the China report, China welcomes and remains open to all constructive suggestions that are proposed in good faith to help it improve its human rights conditions.


But the country firmly rejects any condescending lecturing about human rights by those self-claimed human rights champions intent on dictating to it what to do according to their models. There is no one-size-fits-all human rights protection model. The human rights development paths independently chosen by various countries are not superior or inferior, only distinctive. The key to the historic achievements of China's human rights cause lies in it taking a human rights development path that conforms to the trend of the times and suits its national conditions.


China firmly opposes the politicization, instrumentalization and weaponization of human rights issues, and firmly opposes interference in its internal affairs under the pretext of human rights issues. It will continue to unswervingly follow the Chinese human rights development path and promote the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation along the Chinese path of modernization. China will continue to make new contributions to the world's human rights cause.