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Interference bill has obvious troublemaking intent

2024-06-14 09:33:36Source: China DailyAuthor: Li Yang
People visit the Potala Palace square in Lhasa, Southwest China's Xizang autonomous region, Feb 11, 2024. [Photo/Xinhua]
June 14, 2024 -- In its latest move to interfere in China's internal affairs, the US House of Representatives passed a bill that urges China to mend ties with the Dalai Lama and other Tibetan leaders.
The "Promoting a Resolution to the Tibet-China Dispute Act" received broad bipartisan support and now heads to President Joe Biden's desk to be signed into law after being passed by the Senate last month.
It is not that the US politicians want to help mediate relations between Beijing and Dalai Lama with the Xizang-related bill, but they want to meddle in China's internal affairs in order to put pressure on Beijing.
Xizang is part of China. The "Tibet-China dispute" the US lawmakers are trying to project is an attempt to denigrate Beijing and create difficulties for it within the international community.
It is Beijing's consistent stance to remain open to constructive dialogue with the Dalai Lama, as long as the latter stops his activities aimed at splitting Xizang from the motherland, stop inciting violent activities in Xizang and nearby areas resided by the Tibetan people, stop acting as a proxy of anti-China forces in the United States, and stop hyping up so-called human rights and religious issues related to Xizang.
Washington lawmakers are seeking to use Xizang as further leverage for their "human rights" and "freedom of religion" smears against Beijing. These claims are egregious lies intended to vilify China. They fly in the face of the long-term peace and stability the autonomous region has enjoyed in recent times thanks to the attention that the central authorities have paid to helping Xizang pursue high-quality development characterized by harmonious coexistence among the different ethnic groups, religions and cultures in the region, as well as between people and nature.
If the US truly cares about human rights, it should stop smearing China with false accusations, stop interfering in China's internal affairs and stop trying to undermine China's social stability under the pretext of "human rights".
If the US side really hopes to resolve issues related to the Dalai Lama, it should stop its funding to him and stop using him as a pawn to tarnish China's international image.