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China steps up procuratorial efforts to ensure public well-being

2024-06-11 09:45:23Source: Xinhua
BEIJING, June 11, 2024 -- As part of its ongoing endeavor to safeguard public well-being, China's Supreme People's Procuratorate (SPP) has issued typical case studies to guide prosecutors nationwide in handling related lawsuits and appeals.
An SPP statement released on Friday noted that the cases cover various issues, including a lawsuit involving environmental pollution crimes and one regarding judicial assistance for victims facing financial difficulties due to criminal offenses, with a focus on protecting the rights of key groups such as the elderly, minors, and people with disabilities.
An SPP official highlighted the efforts made so far by Chinese procuratorial organs since the SPP launched an 11-month nationwide campaign in February to strengthen judicial protection and meet people's practical needs.
To protect women and children, on-site centers and online portals for procuratorial services have established dedicated desks for lawsuits and appeals. This initiative facilitates the fast-track handling of such cases.
In the statement, the official pledged better judicial assistance for key groups and further efforts to establish a coordination mechanism between judicial and social assistance.