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Human Rights Research Center of the Renmin University

2024-03-29 11:20:39
The Human Rights Research Center of the Renmin University of China was established on Oct. 8, 1991, and was among the first human rights research institutions at a Chinese university. The centeris composed of experts and scholars on law, economics, sociology, philosophy and politics. Prof. Zheng Hangsheng is the director of the center and Prof. Gu Dechun is the deputy director. In 1996, the center was listed by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization in the fourth edition of the Directory of World Human Rights Research and Training Organizations. Since its establishment, the center has actively conducted research on human rights theory, publicity and education concerning human rights as well as international exchange activities.
The university law school in 2005 established the Human Rights Law Research Institute, in order to strengthen the importance of human rights research in the field of legal research. The research institute comprises teachers and researchers from jurisprudence, constitutional and administrative law, criminal law, procedural law, civil and commercial law, international law and environmental and resources law. In May 2009, the research institute was merged with the Human Rights Research Center. It is under the coordination and management of the law school.
In recent years, the center, under the guidance of the China Society for Human Rights Studies (CSHRS), has actively supported the work of CSHRS, participated in human rights symposiums, made great progress in human rights theoretical research, popularization, education and training as well as international exchange.
The center brings the strengths of the humanities and social sciences into full play, integrates the academic resources of schools at the university, and reaches a sound level of interdisciplinary, multidimensional and systematic human rights education and research. In addition to the university’s Human Rights Research Center and the Human Rights Research Center at the law school, Renmin University of China has more than 10 research institutions studying human rights, such as the International Humanitarian Law Research Center, the Disabled Law Clinic and the Research Center for Combating Poverty Issues.