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Centre for the Study of Human Rights at Nankai University

2024-03-26 09:09:46

Center for the Study of Human Rights at Nankai University (CSHR) was established in April 2005, with Professor Xue Jinwen, then Secretary of the Party Committee of Nankai University, as the Director of the Center. In November 2010, CSHR was approved by the Tianjin Municipal Education Commission as a key research base for humanities and social sciences of Tianjin, and in July 2011, it was designated as a National Human Rights Education and Training Base by the Ministry of Education and the State Council Information Office. There are now 16 full-time researchers and 36 part-time researchers in the Center, with Professor Chang Jian from Zhou Enlai School of Government as the Director, and Associate Professor Tang Yingxia of the School of Law as the Deputy Director. The members of CSHR come from Zhou Enlai School of Government, School of Law, Faculty of History, College of Philosophy, School of Economics, etc. The disciplines of CSHR cover political science, law, history, public administration and public policy, sociology, international relations, economics, pedagogy, ethnology, philosophy, etc., so as to carry out interdisciplinary comprehensive and systematic researches on human rights.
Following the spirit of Mr. Zhang Pengchun, the first Vice-Chairman of the United Nations Commission on Human Rights, who participated in the drafting of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, CSHR has done a great deal of work in human rights research, education, training and consulting on politics and international exchanges, and it has become one of the first bases established by the Ministry of Education and the State Council Information Office of China to provide national human rights education and training. CSHR has undertaken a number of major national social science research projects focusing on human rights, and published the Nankai Human Rights Research Series, the Human Rights Education Series, the Human Rights Training Series, and the Human Rights in Action in China Series. Commissioned by the China Society for Human Rights Studies, CSHR undertook the drafting and organization of Annual Report on China’s Human Rights (the “Blue Book”), and participated in the drafting of four National Human Rights Action Plans and dozens of governmental white papers on human rights.
CSHR has been actively engaged in international human rights exchanges, holding side meetings during sessions of the United Nations Human Rights Council and expressing its views at various conferences, participating in the China-United States Human Rights Dialogue and the dialogue with the High Commissioner for Human Rights, engaging in exchanges with human rights institutions and social organizations of various countries, and inviting human rights experts from home and abroad to give lectures on human rights at the Zhang Pengchun Human Rights Forum. In recent years, the "Developmentalism of Human Rights" put forward by the Center's experts on the basis of their collective research, the human rights extracurricular book for primary and secondary school students entitled "The Story of Nan Nan and Kai Kai", and the research and training work on business and human rights have received widespread attention from the Government and the academic community.
Contact: Tang Yingxia
Phone number:18622961026
Room 453, Zhou Enlai School of Government, Haihe Education Park, Jinnan District, Tianjin, China