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Annual Report on China's Human Rights No.12 (2022)

2023-08-31 13:57:15
This is the 12th blue book on China's human rights development, which focuses on analysing and studying China's latest human rights progress in 2021. The General Report analyses and summarizes the 100-year history of the development and growth of the Communist Party of China in respecting and protecting human rights. The 13 thematic reports focus on China's human rights development in various areas in 2021. The "Case Studies and Survey Reports" part consists of two reports about the poverty alleviation of farmers and herdsmen in Taer Township, Aketedu County, Xinjiang, and responsible management of human rights of China Chamber of Commerce of Metals, Minerals & Chemicals Importers & Exporters (CCCMC). The appendix is the Memorabilia of China's Human Rights in 2020.
Ⅰ General Report
    B.1 The Communist Party of China Fighting for the Universal Human Rights of the Chinese People
Ⅱ Special Reports (I)The Right to Survival and Development
    B.2 Poverty Alleviation Created a Remarkable Human Rights Miracle in History
    B.3 Building of the “Demonstration Zone for Common Prosperity” in Zhejiang Promotes the Realisation of the Right to Equal Development
Ⅱ Special Reports (II)Economic,Social and Cultural Rights
    B.4 The Law on the Promotion of Basic Medical and Health Care and New Development of Legalization of the Rights to Public Health
    B.5 New Progress of Rural Old-Age Security
Ⅱ Special Reports (III)Civil and Political Rights
    B.6 Guarantee of Democratic Rights in the 2021 General Election of County and Township People’s Congresses
    B.7 Review on the Five-year Implementation of the Law Against Domestic Violence:Achievements and Challenges
Ⅱ Special Reports (IV)Rights of Specific Groups
    B.8 Protection of Rights of De Facto Unattended Children
    B.9 Livable Environment for the Elderly and Protection of Their Rights
Ⅱ Special Reports (V)Big Data and Protection of Human Rights
    B.10 Progress and Achievements of Citizen Information Security
    B.11 Protection of the Elderly’s Information Right Under the “Digital Divide”
Ⅱ Special Reports (VI)Human Rights Legislation and International Cooperation
    B.12 National Human Rights Legislation Analysis Report 2021
    B.13 China’s International Human Rights Cooperation and Exchanges in 2021
  B.14 China’s International Cooperation on COVID-19 Vaccines and Its Contribution to the Building of a Community of Common Health for Mankind
Ⅲ Case Studies and Investigation Reports
    B.15 From Steady Poverty Alleviation to Sustained Income Increase—A Livelihood Survey of Farmers and Herdsmen in Taer Township,Aketedu County,Xinjiang
    B.16 Practical Progress of China’s Responsible Mineral Supply Chain—An Investigation Report on Human Rights Due Diligence Management of China Chamber of Commerce of Metals,Minerals & Chemicals Importers & Exporters
Ⅳ Appendix
    B.17 Chronicle of Human Rights in China·2021