Sponsored by China Society for Human Rights Studies

Annual Report on China's Human Rights No.11 (2021)

2022-10-31 11:22:00




Ⅰ General Reports

    B.1 Human Rights Protection in China’s Fight against COVID-19
    B.2 2020:Coordinating Epidemic Control and Poverty Alleviation
Ⅱ Special Reports (I)COVID-19 Control and Human Rights Protection
    B.3 Fighting the COVID-19 Epidemic and Safeguarding People’s Rights to Life and Health
    B.4 Implications of Anti-epidemic Information Disclosure for the Protection of People’s Rights to Life and Health in COVID-19 Prevention and Control
Ⅱ Special Reports (II)The Rights to Subsistence and Development
    B.5 Research on Realising the Right to Development of Single-farming Farmers
Ⅱ Special Reports (III)Economic,Social and Cultural Rights
    B.6 The Employment-First Policy and the Protection of Citizens’ Right to Employment in the Context of the COVID-19 Epidemic
    B.7 New Developments in the Protection of Citizens’ Environmental Rights in China
Ⅱ Special Reports (IV)Civil Rights and Political Rights
    B.8 New Developments in the Protection of Legitimate Rights of Persons Subject to Community Correction
Ⅱ Special Reports (V)Rights of Special Groups
    B.9 New Developments in the Protection of Women’s Rights and Interests:From the Perspective of the Civil Code
    B.10 New Developments in the Protection of the Right to Accessibility
Ⅱ Special Reports (VI)Big Data and Human Rights
    B.11 Big Data Assisted Anti-epidemic and Personal Privacy Protection
Ⅱ Special Reports (VII)Human Rights Legislation and International Cooperation
    B.12 Analysis Report on China’s Human Rights Legislation in 2020
    B.13 China’s International Cooperation and Exchange on Human Rights in 2020
  B.14 Review of the International Webinar Series on "Human Rights Protection in Pandemic Prevention and Control"
Ⅱ Special Reports (VIII)Human Rights Study
    B.15 An Overview of Chinese Academia’s Studies on Human Rights Protection Amid the COVID-19 Epidemic
Ⅲ Case Studies and Survey Reports
    B.16 Survey Report on the Relocation Program for Poverty Alleviation in Severely Impoverished Areas in the Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture
    B.17 Survey Report on the Protection of Environmental Rights in the Haixi Mongolian-Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Qinghai Province
Ⅳ Appendix
    B.18 China Human Rights Memorabilia·2020