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2020-12-21 10:19:19Author: ssap
I General Report
B. 1 China's Human Rights Development in 70 Years and its Contribution to the World
Li Junru, Chang Jian
I Chinese People's Human Rights Status is Greatly Improved
II China's Concepts and Experience of Human Rights Protection Provide Lessons for Many Countries
III China Actively Proposes Suggestions on and Promotes the Reform of the Global Human Rights Governance System
IV China Takes an Active Part in UN's Work of Safeguarding Human Rights
II Thematic Reports
I. The Rights to Subsistence and Development
B. 2 Poverty Alleviation in 2019
Li Yunlong
B. 3 Inclusive Electric Service Facilitates Poverty Alleviation
Wang Hao, He Siyuan
II. Digitalization and Human Rights Protection
B. 4 Human Rights Protection on the Internet in 2019
By Xia Yu, Qi Yanping
B. 5 Protection of Personal Information in China in the Age of Big Data
Hua Guoyu, Yang Chenshu
B. 6 Smart Elderly Care and its New Progress in China
Zhao Shukun, Li Denglei
III. Economic, Social and Cultural Rights
B. 7 Improve the Public Rental Housing System to Protect the Right of Low/Middle-Income Groups to Housing
Shen Qiuhong
B. 8 Practice and Achievements of China in Protecting the Right to Reproductive Health in 2019
Lin Hongyan, Liu Dongmei, Du Min, Zou Yanhui, Wang Hui
B. 9 2019 Corporate Social Responsibility Performance in China
Wang Xiumei
IV. Civil and Political Rights
B. 10 Research on Urban Residents' Trust in Judicial Institutions in Protecting Civil Rights-Based on a Questionnaire Survey in Parts of Tianjin
Wang Yan
V. Human Rights Protection for Specific Groups
B. 11 New Progress in China's Prevention and Treatment of Minor Sexual Assault
Li Juan
B. 12 The Establishment and Progress of Child Welfare Supervisor and Child Welfare Director
Huang Xiaoyan
B. 13 New Progress and New Measures for Protecting Women's Equal Right to Employment
Liu Xiaonan, Yang Hui
VI. Human Rights Legislation and International Cooperation
B. 14 Analysis Report of National Human Rights Legislation in 2019
Ban Wenzhan
B. 15 China's International Cooperation and Exchanges on Human Rights in 2019
Luo Yanhua
III Research Report and Case Study
B. 16 A Survey of Targeted Poverty Alleviation in the Severely Impoverished Areas of Southern Xinjiang
Mamat Osman
IV Appendices
B. 17 Chronicle of Human Rights in China 2019
Xu Yao, Fu Liyuan