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2020-09-01 09:52:02
General Report
Reform and Opening-up and the Development of Human Rights in China
Thematic Reports
On the Strategy of Rural Revitalization and the Equality between Urban and Rural Residents
New Progress of Poverty Alleviation in 2018
Health Poverty Alleviation in Anti-Poverty Strategy
Poverty Alleviation Microfinance and the Protection of the Right to Development of Rural Poor Population
China Human Organ Donation and Transplantation and Protection of Human Rights
The Improvement of Rural Environmental Quality by Renovating the Environment
New Measures and Progress of Environmental Supervision
The Guarding Against Financial Risks and Property Fraud
The Standardization and Normalization of Openness of Government Affairs from the Perspective of Right to Know
New Progress on Guaranteeing of Women's Political Participation in China
The New Development on the Rapid Rescue Mechanism for Missing Children
The Judicial Guaranty of the Elderly's Rights: Analysis on the Judicial Documents from 2013-2018
“Reasonable Accommodation”: Participation in the College Entrance Examination and the Right to Higher Education for Persons with Disabilities
Analysis Report on China's Human Rights Related Legislation in 2018
The Development of China's International Cooperation and Exchanges in Human Rights Field in 2018
Review on the Research on the Relationship between Reform and Opening Up and China's Human Rights Development in 2018
A Review of Demestic Studies on the 70th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Review on the 2018 National Human Rights Education Conference

Research Reports and Case Studies
Guarantee of Students' Right to Education in Small Rural Schools and Township Boarding Schools -- Model Investigation in Pingliang Area
On the Implementation of the Anti-Domestic Violence Law -- A Case Study of Zhejiang Province
The Development of Women's Deliberation Mechanism in Jiangsu Province