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2018-12-31 09:49:31Author: ssap
General Report
The Development of Human Rights in China Has Entered a New Era
Thematic Reports
Construction of the Community of Shared Future for Human Beings and the South-South Cooperation in Human Rights
The Belt and Road Initiative and the Realization of the Right to Development in China’s Central and Western Regions
The Poverty Alleviation in the Deep Poverty-Stricken Areas and Safeguarding Human Rights of the Rural Poor
The Construction of Transport Infrastructure and Right to Development
The Integration of Urban-rural Basic Medical Insurance Systems and Equal Protection of Citizen’s Rights to Health
The Improvement of Public Emergency System and the Right to Health
The Water Pollution Control and Protection for Civil Health Rights
Regulating the Law Enforcement Power of Public Security and Human Rights Protection
New Development of Promotion of Lawyer’s Practice Rights
The Protection of the Citizen’s Right to Vote in the Election of the County and Township People’s Congresses
The Impact of the Anti-domestic Violence Law of the China on Women’s Rights
New Progress in the Prohibition of Sexual Harassment and the Protection of Women’s Rights in China
The Safeguard of the Minors’ Cyber Security
The Progress in the Development of School Security and the Personal Safety of Juvenile
New Progress in Inclusive Employment of Persons with Disabilities
Progress in Guaranteeing the Right to Education of Persons with Disabilities during Compulsory Education 
Analysis Report on China’s Human Rights Related Legislation in 2017
The Development of China’s International Cooperation and Exchanges in Human Right Field in 2017
BRICS Common Consensus on Human Rights Foreign Policies Contribute to the Developments to International Human Rights Affairs
Chinese Police Education and Training on Human Rights and the Rule of Law
Research Report and Case Study
Investigation Report on Anti-Poverty of Cliff Villages
An Investigation Report on the Guarantee of Livelihood Rights in the Sanjiangyuan Tibetan Area
Investigation Report on the Construction of “Chest Pain Center” and the Protection of Residents’ Medical Right in Tianjin
The Progress of Judicial Protection on Human Rights: Evidence from 346 People’s Courts’ Decisions on State Compensation