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2017-12-28 15:45:47Author: ssap
General Report
Administering the Party Strictly and the Development of the China’s Human Rights Course
Thematic Reports
Review of Chinese Research on the Right to Development in 2016
New Progress in the Study of the Status of the Right to Development in the Human Rights System
The New Development of Targeted Poverty Alleviation and Human Rights Protection of Rural Population in Poverty
Vaccine Safety and Protection of Citizen’s Rights of Health
Protecting Rights of Workers with Pneumoconiosis in China
The Protection of Farmers’ Rights and Interests after the Transfer of Rural Land
The Soil Pollution Control and Protection for Civil Health Rights
Air Pollution Governance in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region and New Development of Citizens’ Environmental Right Protection
New Progress in the Reform of Household Registration System and the Protection of Right of Equality in 2016
Accountability System for Judges and The Protection of Fair Trial
The Progress of Standardization of Administrative Law Enforcement and Human Rights Protection
Network Governance and the Protection of Citizens’ Rights
Peer to Peer Support of Xinjiang and Protection of Minority Rights
The Protection of the Rights of the Plight of Children
Protection of Minors’ Rights in the Prevention of School Violence
Analysis Report on China’s Human Rights Related Legislation in 2016
The Development of China’s International Cooperation and Exchanges in Human Rights Field in 2015
Research Report and Case Study
The Research Study on the Cultural Benefit Projects in Tianjin
Mechanism of Gender Impact Assessment in Legislation, with a Focus on Jiangsu Province 
Survey Report of the Chinese Public’s Conceptions on Human Rights on Internet
The Protection of Ethnic Minority Languages Public Service in Cities
A Survey on Sex Education and Sexual Abuse among Children in Chongqing