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2016-12-22 15:00:05Author: ssap
General Report
The Innovation of the Idea of Development and Safeguard of the Right to Development
Thematic Reports


Targeted Poverty Alleviation and the New Development of Human Rights Safeguard for Rural Poverty Population


Full Coverage of Critical Illness Insurance and Protection of Medical Rights
The Governance of Yinao and the Medical Staff’s Human Rights Protection
“Rural Teacher Support Program” and the Protection of the Rights of Rural Teachers 
China’s Intended Nationally Determined Contribution: Enhanced Actions on Climate Change and Human Rights
The Trial-centered Reform of the Procedural System and The Right to a Fair Trial
Public Interest Litigation and Judicial Guarantee of Human Rights
The New Development of Legal Aid in China in 2015
Human Rights Protection of Overseas Pursuit-evasion
Protection of the China’s Minorities’ Right to Religion in 2015
Anti-Gender Discrimination and Women’s Rights Protection
The Legislative Protection for the Rights of the Juveniles in 2015
The Development and Challenges of the Right to Old-Age Social Assistance in China Mainland
Analysis Report on China’s Human Rights Related Legislation in 2015
The Development of China’s International Cooperation and Exchanges in Human Rights Field in 2015
The 70th Anniversary of the Victory of Anti-fascist War and the Rethinking the Right to Peace
China’s Participation in UN Peacekeeping Operations and the Peace Rights Protection
Research Report and Case Study
Environmental Governance, Green Development and Beautiful Life: the Practices and Experiences from Zhejiang Province
Survey Report of the Chinese Public’s Conceptions on Human Dignity