2019 South-South Human Rights Forum - China Human Rights
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  • HE Zhipeng said that human rights, as a great achievement in the development of human civilization, has existed for quite a long time. It has experienced the globalization process, in which a consensus is gradually formed on ideas and concepts and this originally Western system has been adopted by the world. Nevertheless, there are still ideologically and culturally based disputes regarding human rights. The theory of “clash of civilizations” is still at work in discussions of human rights.

  • Mostafa ALAEI said that the world civilization is the melting pot of the fundamental principles inherent in the prominent and pervasive cultures and civilizations. Shared human principles are the foundation and the constituent elements of the universality of human rights.

  • Boniface LEZONA said that path of human rights development in the background of the diversity of civilization is an interesting proposal, a new approach that China introduced recently, in 2017, to explore how the world can improve the human rights situation, emphasizing on the aspect of a nation as “leader”. The different delegations participating to the South-South Forum on human rights will gather together with China and go on supporting this initiative that it launched, two years ago.

  • Dheerujlall Baramlall SEETULSINGH said that all human beings are born equal in Rights and in Dignity. However not all human beings are born in the same place and under the same skies. Our origins are different, we come from diverse civilizations and our cultures, customs and religion are different, giving rise to a rich diversity which adds to the beauty of the world. Article 2 of the Beijing Declaration adopted by the First South-South Human Rights Forum in 2017 recognizes Human Rights as an integral part of all civilizations.