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Chinese groups take part in human rights talks in Geneva
March 15,2023   By:chinadaily.com.cn

March 15, 2023 -- Representatives from international and non-governmental organizations from China and abroad attended a forum in Geneva on Tuesday to discuss the participation of non-governmental organizations in the promotion of human rights protection and global development.

The meeting was held on the sidelines of the 52nd session of the United Nations Human Rights Council. Co-hosts included the China NGO Network for International Exchanges, the Geneva Agape Foundation, the Chinese Association For International Understanding, the China Foundation for Rural Development and the Peaceland Foundation.

Representatives of the Chinese Association For International Understanding talked about the contributions made by the organization in promoting exchanges and mutual understanding, as well as enhancing human rights protection. It showed how China's non-governmental organizations have been involved in human rights protection in China and abroad.

Delegates from the Geneva Agape Foundation said that social organizations need to consider human rights protection from different perspectives in order to promote it. They expressed their willingness to cooperate with China's social organizations to enhance exchanges and mutual understanding in a bid to promote the continuous development of the cause.

Representatives from the CNIE held in-depth discussions with participants on issues such as promoting exchanges and mutual understanding between China and other countries, and safeguarding cultural and developmental rights.

Deputies from the Peaceland Foundation shared their experiences in international rescue and refugee relief, especially following the earthquakes in Turkiye and Syria. They called on all parties to pay attention to human rights protection in developing countries, particularly those in disaster-stricken countries.


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