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U.S. seeks regime change in Middle East, violates human rights: report
August 10,2022   By:Xinhua
Aug. 10, 2022 -- The United States has coercively promoted American values in the Middle East, pushing for regime change, forcibly transplanting "American democracy," and infringing upon others' sovereignty and human rights, said a report released Tuesday by the China Society for Human Rights Studies.
Titled U.S. Commits Serious Crimes of Violating Human Rights in the Middle East and Beyond, the report said the United States attempts to transform regional countries and establish fragile, dependent governments to serve its global hegemony.
Washington's essential goal is to maintain America's military, economic and conceptual hegemony, "which in consequence has altered the independent development paths of regional countries and severely undermined the sovereignty of related countries in the Middle East as well as their people's rights to development and health," noted the report.
The United States has long supported the infiltration of non-governmental organizations and proxies in the Middle East, and repeatedly changed the development paths of Middle East countries by means of "color revolution," the report added.
The report said that U.S. forced "transformation" of Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya and many others has disrupted the political order and destroyed the social and national cohesion of these countries.
Its forced "institutional exports" with a strong hegemonic undertone have "crippled regional countries' efforts to independently explore their development paths and caused a series of disastrous consequences," it said.
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