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U.S. suppresses civilizations, tramples on human dignity: report
August 10,2022   By:Xinhua
Aug. 10, 2022 -- A report on U.S. violations of human rights released Tuesday pointed out that the United States had been creating a "clash of civilizations," abusing imprisonment and torture, and violating freedom of religion and human dignity.
The report, titled U.S. Commits Serious Crimes of Violating Human Rights in the Middle East and Beyond, was released by the China Society for Human Rights Studies.
The report said that showing no respect for the diversity of civilizations, the United States had been hostile to the Islamic civilization, destroyed the historical and cultural heritage of the Middle East, imprisoned and tortured Muslims recklessly, and seriously violated the basic human rights of people in the Middle East and other places.
"The United States has spread the 'Islamic threat theory' around the world. It has advocated the superiority of Western and Christian civilization, despised non-Western civilization, and stigmatized the Islamic civilization by labelling it as 'backward,' 'terror' and 'violent'," the report said.
Using the 9/11 incident as an excuse, the United States has hyped up the "Islamic threat theory" in the world, deliberately misled or even incited people to be hostile to Islam and discriminate against Muslims, and provoked a "clash of civilizations," mobilizing public opinion and inventing a pretext to justify its global war on terror, according to the report.
In addition, the United States has suppressed, insulted and bullied Middle Eastern countries, undermining the cultural confidence of the nations and their people, and destroying the national pride and self-confidence of the Middle Eastern people.
The report mentioned that prisoner abuse and torture by the U.S. seriously undermined Muslims' right to human dignity. Since the United States launched its global war on terrorism, prisoner abuse scandals against Muslims have been heard all the time.
Apart from U.S. violations of freedom of religion and human dignity, the CSHRS report also focused on Washington's systematic violations of human rights including launching wars, massacring civilians, and damaging the right to life and survival; forced transformation, unilateral sanctions, severe infringement of people's rights to development, life and health. 
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