Boniface LEZONA: Path of Human Rights Development in the Background of the Diversity of Civilization
February 20,2020   By:en.humanrights.cn
Path of Human Rights Development in the Background of the Diversity of Civilization
Boniface LEZONA
The Republic of the Congo

Boniface LEZONA, Cabinet Secretary General of the Cabinet of the Second Vice-President of the National Commission of Human Rights, delivers a speech at the parallel session. (Jia Puyu/ en.humanrights.cn)
Boniface LEZONA said that path of human rights development in the background of the diversity of civilization is an interesting proposal, a new approach that China introduced recently, in 2017, to explore how the world can improve the human rights situation, emphasizing on the aspect of a nation as “leader”. The different delegations participating to the South-South Forum on human rights will gather together with China and go on supporting this initiative that it launched, two years ago. The Congo Human Rights National Commission supports China’s initiative and will act along with other participants in the forum to improve national human rights situation.
We are convinced that China is engaged in a right way, located in a right place, ready now to play the first role in the forum to face and overcome the challenge of improving the human rights situation in the world, with its coalition.
No doubt, an analysis of communications delivered by participants, in this forum, could show similarities of problems they encountered in their respective countries and, may be, the approach of solutions could be the same. Being a South-South Forum, its advantage could be in: a great number of participants drained; the more experiences to share; a fruitful outcome.
The Republic of the Congo would like to profit from China’s experience to promote the right to life, being aware that if there is no peace, there is no development. Our first priority is to draw attention of the Congolese people and institutions to respect and protect lives of people. The second priority is to combat and eradicate poverty, through promoting the right to a safe environment: creating jobs, providing food, shelter, health care and education to populations. Particular attention must be turned to vulnerable categories of populations like women, children, diseased and aged persons. By the way, the situation of minorities is also part of our priorities, precisely the respect and protection of indigenous people rights.
He thinks that China is the cornerstone or the pillar of the human rights south-south forum. We will stand close to China to make this forum a new coalition, a framework in which south civilizations in their diversity could easily develop their skills, exchange experiences and advance the cause of human rights.
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