Dheerujlall Baramlall SEETULSINGH: Diversity of Civilisation and Global Development of Human Rights
February 20,2020   By:en.humanrights.cn
Diversity of Civilisation and Global Development of Human Rights
Dheerujlall Baramlall SEETULSINGH

Dheerujlall Baramlall SEETULSINGH, Chairperson of National Human Rights Commission, Mauritius, delivers a speech at the parallel session. (Jia Puyu/ en.humanrights.cn)
Dheerujlall Baramlall SEETULSINGH said that all human beings are born equal in Rights and in Dignity. However not all human beings are born in the same place and under the same skies.  Our origins are different, we come from diverse civilizations and our cultures, customs and religion are different, giving rise to a rich diversity which adds to the beauty of the world.  Article 2 of the Beijing Declaration adopted by the First South-South Human Rights Forum in 2017 recognizes Human Rights as an integral part of all civilizations.
Values are universal but there exist different paths of Human Rights Development depending on various factors. In terms of economic development not all countries have attained the same cruising speed. The value that is put upon work may vary from country to country. Should developed nations recognize cultural diversity in helping developing countries in their path to development, the results would be more beneficial to both parties. Creating a peaceful atmosphere in a developing nation or a less developed country would deter some of its citizens from seeking refuge elsewhere, from embarking on migration ventures and prevent them from falling into the hands of dishonest human traffickers.  It is South-South cooperation that is more apt at understanding and accepting national conditions.
As for democracy and civil and political liberties their achievement also rests upon development and human rights development. Many experiments in democracy in the world have failed where rulers have not paid enough attention to the rights of the people in their quest to be freed from poverty, disease or ignorance. All civilizations attribute great importance to the family and the community as being the basis of solidarity and respect for others. The family, community, society and educational institutions play a vital role in upholding and transmitting the values and teachings which constitute the fabric of a civilization, thus consolidating human rights development in a nation.
To conclude, the right to development as a third generation right has become inextricably linked with Human Rights development while respecting the culture and civilization of the people whose situation has to be uplifted.
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