Jia Yujiao: Analysis on the Originality of China’s Human Right Development and its Global Significance
February 20,2020   By:en.humanrights.cn
Analysis on the Originality of China’s Human Right Development and its Global Significance
JIA Yujiao

Jia Yujiao, Professor of the School of Philosophy and Social Sciences of Jilin University, delivers a speech at the parallel session. (Qi Yu/ en.humanrights.cn)
With the development of non-Western countries, the cultural pluralism began to take shape and the human-rights experts and scholars from non-Western countries wanted their voices to be heard in the international community. Against such backdrop, the development of human rights in China has captured the world attention, and two forms of human rights appeared. One is the form deeply rooted in Westerners’ ideologies, and the other is an objective form that gradually evolved and has been tested by human history. As China enters a new era, the continuity and integrality of China’s development have produced far-reaching influence. A series of remarkable achievement China gained over the past decades has smashed the Westerners’ stereotypes towards China and broke through their interpretation framework. The integrity of China’s human rights is manifested in the relationship between the country and the society, and also in the succession relationship between China’s various development stages. Since the 18th CPC National Congress, we can see noticeable achievements in China’s human rights cause and it has won international recognition. Leaders of many countries and the heads of international organizations spoke highly of China’s human rights development as well as the institutional guaranteesand look forward to learning from China. In the future, China will share the ideas, strategies and approaches concerning the development of human rights with other countries and join hands to stand up to the risks exposed to the whole human beings.
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