Constructing a community of shared future for both men and women via yin-yang philosophy
December 22,2017   By:Qinxuan PENG
This article attempts to picture the possibility of using yin-yang philosophy to construct a community of shared future for both men and women, to see if Chinese traditional wisdom can be used to spread international modern ideals. The article advances in three parts: Firstly, it introduces the origin of yin-yang philosophy, the characteristics of yin and yang, the primary principle of yin-yang mutual inclusion and mutual reinforcement. Secondly, it explains the concept of gender in comparison with sex, and the implication of gender equality in the international legal context. Thirdly, it tries to match the idea of yin-yang interaction, mutual inclusion, mutual reinforcement, to explain how to understand a) sex and gender, b) gender as a multilateral concept, c) an equal evaluation of femininity and masculinity in each individual, d) a community of shared future for both men and women as participants, responsible parties and stake-holders. By applying Yin-yang philosophy to construct a community of shared future for both men and women, this research intends to contribute Chinese wisdom in solving global problems. 
Keywords:  shared future for both men and women; yin-yang mutual reinforce; gender equality; 
If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart. 
—— Nelson Mandela, Former President of South Africa 
Incorporated in I-Ching, yin-yang dynamism has long been the very essence of Chinese traditional philosophy, which is the key to understand Chinese people’s metaphysical ground for thinking and activities. Yin-yang split and balance is widely applied to nature observation, agricultural production, Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM), traditional Chinese calligraphy and painting, architecture, divination, dream interpretation, social hierarchy, and gender interaction. However, the understanding of yin-yang has not yet been used to constructing gender equality in the society. Thus, by re-interpreting yin-yang philosophy and gender equality, this article tries to match the most ancient idea of “yin-yang interaction” to contribute to the most modern concept of “shared future” for both men and women. The first section is a brief explanation of the origin and understandings of Yin-yang, including the Yi Ching, the 8/64 Gua and the virtues of yin and yang, the interactive rules of yin and yang. The second section is an introduction of the concept of sex/gender and gender equality. The third part is to apply yin-yang philosophy to explain the concepts of sex/gender and gender equality in several examples so that the shared future of both men and women could be understood via yin-yang wisdom.
1. Yin-yang philosophy 
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