The Connotations of Human Rights Under the Socialist Core Value System
October 27,2014   By:CSHRS

4. The socialist core value system establishes the standards of socialist concept of honor and disgrace in protecting human rights, human value and dignity, and determines the basic requirements for properly handling the relation between individuals, and that between individuals and the society in accordance with the socialist concept of honor and disgrace, which should be used to regulate each and every individual in protecting and developing human rights.

The socialist concept of honor and disgrace is the highest standard for human rights, value and dignity. Featuring "eight honors and eight disgraces", it is the summarization of socialist spiritual civilization construction and scientific condensation and rational elevation of consciousness common to the entire human race. It boasts the same characteristics as the essence of respecting and protecting human rights as advocated in the Charters of the United Nations. Featuring "eight honors and eight disgraces", the socialist concept of honor and disgrace requires that unequivocal stance should be taken as to what to abide by, what to oppose, what to advocate and what to boycott, and that confusion between right and wrong, good and evil, virtuous and ugly, honor and disgrace should be avoided. Respecting and protecting human rights, and satisfying the fundamental interest of the greatest majority means that clear attitude and standards should be available in thought, political system and practice, and that differentiation between the virtuous and the ugly, and right and wrong should be exercised. "Human rights is the free and equal right entitled to people based on the dignity and nature of people. Legally, it is reflected as a free and equal right and morally as a free and equal value and credible and benevolent behaviors".  The socialist concept of honor and disgrace reflects the requirements of socialist human rights view, full respect for people's dignity and value from the level of morality and freedom and equality, and sufficient realization of human rights, wellbeing and fully free development.