The Connotations of Human Rights Under the Socialist Core Value System
October 27,2014   By:CSHRS

Organically integrate the rights of individuals and that of the nation, the country and even the entire human race. Socialist core value system reflects the perfect unification of humanity's interest, national awareness and individual rights. Marxism took liberation of the human race as its supreme value, and proposed an advancement path for the cause, namely, eliminate bourgeoisie and realize socialism and communism. Taking Marxism as the guiding ideology means not only adherence to Marxist worldview and methodology but also adherence to Marxist values, i.e., taking emancipation of the human race as the supreme value of developing socialism with Chinese characteristics. The spirits of the Chinese nation and the era underpin the common interest and ideal of the Chinese nation. The great national spirit of solidarity, love for peace, diligence and bravery, and constantly strive to become stronger, is the inexhaustible source for uniting peoples across China, and also the sustaining spirit for the Chinese nation. Realization and development of human rights, entitlement of the fruits of development to the vast masses, constant improvement of material and cultural living standards—none of those can be achieved without sufficient realization and development of the interest of the Chinese nation and the entire human race.

Development of human rights causes should take a scientific, harmonious and peaceful path. Development of human rights for the Chinese people under the guidance of socialist core value system requires that the general rules of socioeconomic development be followed, i.e., human rights cause should be promoted in accordance with the rules governing development of the human society and socialist construction. "Abiding by the principle that development is of overriding importance essentially requires holding fast to scientific development."   Scientific development is means adhering to people orientation and coordinated and sustainable development of all socialist causes while making overall plans and taking all factors into consideration. It requires that realization, safeguarding and development of the fundamental interest of the vast majority of the people be taken as the starting point and destination of all tasks undertaken by the Party and the country, and that the people be taken as the beneficiary of and contributor to development, i.e., the results of development be entitled to the people. Harmonious development is organic unification of various causes. It means solidarity and harmony among members of the society. Harmonious development expresses such a dream of development: attention to interpersonal relation and coordinated harmony between different classes so as to facilitate harmony within the individual, cultivate harmoniously developed people and create harmoniously developing social relations. Peaceful development expresses the wish to promote the peace and development of the world with the development of China, proper handling of the dialectic relation between peace and development via following a path of peaceful development, driving democratization process in international relations, and amelioration of human rights status in the world and new success in international human rights on the basis of respecting the independence and development model of all the countries.