The Connotations of Human Rights Under the Socialist Core Value System
October 27,2014   By:CSHRS

Maintenance and Development of human rights should reflect the spirit of the Chinese nation and the era. The spirit of the Chinese nation and the era is the essence of the socialist value system, and its basic embodiment of the stipulation on the historicity and concreteness of human rights concept. Diversity is the objective reality of human rights concept and practice and the impetus of human rights development.   Spirit of the Chinese nation is the concrete materialization of the nationality of the human rights concept under socialism with Chinese characteristics. The excellent tradition of people orientation formed over the long-term development of the Chinese nation should be upheld and the excellent tradition in human rights and the actual circumstances of modern China should be integrated to maintain and protect human rights in accordance with China's path of development. The spirit of the era embodies the advancement of human rights concept with the times, and the objective demands of historicity and concreteness. The developing times and changing situations promote the evolution of human rights and enrich its connotations and practice. Maintenance and development of human rights reflects the spirit of the Chinese nation and the era, and its own path to human rights development should be followed while holding fast to the theory system, the path and the regime of socialism with Chinese characteristics.

3. The socialist core value system stipulates that the basic way out for maintaining and protecting human rights is development of socialist cause with Chinese characteristics. Only by linking individual interest of the masses with that of the country, the nation and the entire human race and by adhering to the path of scientific, peaceful and harmonious development can human rights be maximally realized and protected.

Development is the ultimate way out for maintaining and protecting human rights in modern China. The right to development is the foremost basic human rights for people in China. Development is the substantial guarantee for realizing basic human rights for the Chinese people. History has proven that without development of economic, political, cultural and social causes there would be no human rights for them. Since the opening-up and reform, China has held fast to the guideline of awarding overriding importance to development, and stuck to the principle of economic construction as the central task, laying a solid material foundation for protecting and developing human rights. Evaluation Report of National Human Rights Action Plan (2009-2010) demonstrates that the plan has been fully implemented on the basis of developing socialist causes with Chinese characteristics, and that the economic, social and cultural rights, civil and political rights, and the rights of the ethnic minorities, women, children, the elderly and the physically challenged have all witnessed unprecedented development. China has abided by the principle of people orientation in steadfastly promoting human rights causes, artfully braving the challenges from enormous impact of international financial crisis and serious natural disasters. It has held fast to integration of respecting and protecting human rights and strengthening rule of law, proactively and steadily promoted political system reform and protected the civil and political rights of its people in accordance with law.  This is a significant result of sticking to socialist core value system.