The Connotations of Human Rights Under the Socialist Core Value System
October 27,2014   By:CSHRS

The Scientific Development Outlook is the latest result of Marxist human rights theory in contemporary China. The Scientific Development Outlook is the embodiment of Marxism on world view and methodology, and the important strategy ideology to be abided by and implemented in developing socialism with Chinese characteristics. Its essence and core is people orientation, thus its endowment of profound human rights thoughts and connotations. It sticks to people orientation, drawing on the substantial essence of thoughts on people and human rights at home and abroad, while elaborating the connotation and development of people from the height of the nature and tenet of the Marxist ruling party. The thought emphasizes "people orientation, government for the people, [it] is the concentrated embodiment of the nature and tenet of our party, and the supreme criterion for guiding, assessing and examining all our activities."   The Scientific Development Outlook upholds people orientation, aligns respecting and safeguarding the interest, rights, dignity and value of the vast majority with development "the first and foremost connotation" and "the first and foremost task", safeguards and protects human rights on the basis of developing socialist economic, political, culture, social, ecological causes with Chinese characteristics, and underpins the consistency between individual and social development and human rights development.

Develop a human right cause with Chinese characteristics under the philosophy of people orientation. While abiding by the philosophy of people orientation, efforts should be made to facilitate theoretical innovation, to integrate Marxist human rights theory with the circumstances of modern China, and to step up the construction of human rights theory system with Chinese characteristics,  so as to lay a Marxist foundation for the human rights cause in China. To abide by the concept of people orientation, the first and foremost task is to arm the masses with the latest results of Marxism, i.e., the socialist theory system with Chinese characteristics. Marxist human rights education should be launched, and education in human rights law and practice with Chinese characteristics implemented. And Marxism should be used to consolidate people's thoughts and to guide human rights development and practice. To abide by the concept of people orientation, efforts should be doubled on development, and the right to survive and development should be the first priority of maintaining and protecting human rights. Meanwhile, the results of socialist construction should be used to satisfy the ever growing material and cultural needs of the people, thus maximizing people's interest and rights.