The Connotations of Human Rights Under the Socialist Core Value System
October 27,2014   By:CSHRS

FANG Guangshun


The socialist core value system is an important strategic thought proposed on the basis of Marxist principles and summarization of experience in constructing socialism with Chinese characteristics. "Socialist core value system is the embodiment of the essence of the socialist ideology".  It is the internal substance and soul of the socialist system with Chinese characteristics, laying down the requirements and direction for its construction, and guiding human rights development under it. The socialist theory system with Chinese characteristics should be abided by in promoting and developing human rights courses in China.

1. Socialist core value system holds Marxism as the guiding ideology and theoretical basis, formulates the guiding ideology for theory and practice of human rights in China, and takes people-orientation as its core philosophy and theoretical guidance.

The establishment and development of Marxism brings about qualitative change and rapid development of human rights theory. Marxist guiding ideology is the soul of socialist core value system, whose central content of construction is arming people's mid with Marxism. The establishment of Marxism is a great revolution in development of human thoughts, as well as a great revolution in cognition and comprehension of human rights. Previous thinkers proposed human concepts, laws and practices on the basis apparently nonexistent natural state and natural law from the perspective of "rationalization." Marxism drove mentalism from its last haven, historicism to wit, and applied the propositions and methods of dialectical materialism and historical materialism to approach human's rights, pointing out that, "The nature of man is not the innate abstract material of an individual. In reality, it is the summed total of all social relations."  In no means should rights exceed the economic structure of a society and the cultural development dependent on the economic structure.   This established the theory and concept of human rights and brought forth human rights laws and practices in accordance with historical law for safeguarding the interest of human race.