Human Rights and Its Development in Algeria: Good Governance and Cultural Diversity
October 14,2014   By:CSHRS

Hafida Djaoud

After independence, Algeria has to face numerous difficulties: refugees returned; the people who suffered from the liberation war needed social and spiritual propitiation; the country needed rebuilding and government departments also needed construction. For such a newly established country, all the neglected tasks needed to be undertaken and effective supports from related institutions were needed.

Our efforts finally enabled us to maintain great progresses in various fields, especially in education, sanitation and employment.

Starting 1988, we realized that we must construct a law-based country and strengthen two-dimensional transforms (political democracy and economic liberty). Just like other countries, the development of a modern country and the construction of a democratic and transparent government were restrained by domestic economic and political factors.

From then on, the government began political reforms and established some publicly elected bodies. In February 1989, the national Constitution was issued by referendum, which was amended on November 28, 1989. The amended Constitution focuses more on fundamental liberty, separation of powers, independence of judicial power and respecting human rights. Meanwhile, a series of basic laws were issued, enhancing citizens' liberty rights and human rights.

Despite the chaos in the 1990s, Algeria still accelerated its process of democratization and, at the same time, enhanced political dialogues. Our government has been always adhering to the principles of consolidating a law-based country and promoting and protecting human rights.

The reform covers areas such as judicature, education, finance and sanitation. It is lifted to the national height and has collected a large number of professional talents and personages. Thanks to the reform, Algeria's legislation is in line with the world standard; meanwhile, association movements are increasingly encouraged by the government and have achieved important progress.