Cultural Diversity and Human Rights
October 14,2014   By:CSHRS

All this is an indication that Kazakhstan is configured on further development of legal frameworks and their consistent harmonization with the international standards in the sphere of human rights. Nowadays, given the provisions of the National Plan and the Concept of Legal Policy, appropriate amendments and additions are introduced into the national legislations and new legal acts are being adopted. For example, the Laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan on Equal Rights and Equal Opportunities of Men and Women, Prevention of Domestic Violence, on Improvement of Forensic-Expert Activity, on Strengthening the Fight against Corruption, on Social Support of Certain Categories of Citizens, on Refugees, and also on the Issues of Further Improvement of the System of Execution of the Criminal Offences and Correctional Systems, etc. are aimed at strengthening national human rights protection system.

On the whole, the process of democratic development in Kazakhstan is carried out both through improved legislation and law enforcement practices and through activities aimed at increasing legal literacy of the population and motivation for its active participation in the political life of the state.

Elaboration of these documents is a result of effective cooperation between the state agencies, non-governmental organizations, national and international experts.

Besides, cooperation of the state agencies and the NGOs is also carried out within the framework of the national dialogue platform – the Civil Forum, which is held twice a year.  At the given forum the two sides openly discuss various state problems and set tasks on their joint settlement cooperation.