Cultural Diversity and Human Rights
October 14,2014   By:CSHRS

Madina Jarbussynova

The topic selected for the Conference is undoubtedly of the relevant interest to all the mankind. In any democratic and law-governed state, issues of human rights and freedoms are put into the forefront of modern world view, thus testifying huge transformations in a spiritual culture and morals of members of the international community.

Respect to human rights, universal values and fundamental freedoms is a key factor of progress and secure future for all the states, including Kazakhstan and China, I am sure.

In my statement, I would like to draw attention of the participants of the Conference to the work being carried out to protect and promote human rights by my country Kazakhstan since we gained our independence in 1991.

First of all, the fundamental ground for this process has been provided by the principles enshrined in the primary law of the state--the Constitution, which says that Kazakhstan asserts itself as a democratic, secular, law-based and social state, whose highest values are the man, his life, rights and freedoms that belong to everyone from the moment he is born, that are recognized to be absolute and unalienable, and establish the contents and the applicability of legal acts.